How to Translate Rainlendar
  1. Download poEdit and install it.
  2. Download the latest language template file for Rainlendar2.
  3. Download the previous version of the language from the languages page. The r2lang-files are standard zip-archives so you need to change the extension to .zip, uncompress it and take the rainlendar2.po file from it. If you cannot find your language from the list you need start from the scratch. In this case you must contact the support so that I can add the new language to the list. Otherwise you will not be able to upload the language. Do this before you start to localize anything to prevent unnecessary work.
  4. Run poEdit. Open the existing language or start creating a new one.
  5. Update the strings from the latest language template (rainlendar2.pot).
  6. Translate all strings which are not translated.
  7. Check from the Catalog->Settings... that the language and country are correctly set and that the charset is UTF-8.
  8. Check from the File->Preferences that your name and email are correctly. These will be shown in the language download page.
  9. Check from File->Options that the "Automatically compile .mo file on save" is enabled.
  10. Test the language before you upload it. You can do that by copying the generated file to Rainlendar's locale folder. Note that you need to put it in the correct subfolder which consists of the language and country code.
  11. Upload the language. You need to upload only the rainlendar2.po file. The system will check that it is valid, create the r2lang-file for your language and add it to the list.