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Purple light v1.2 by jhg5702 Thu, 30 Aug 2012

Description: (last update: 2016-12-14) This skin is based on "Purple light v1.1", created by "Silence is gold", I only modify the weather widget, making it has the ability of multiple data sources to select. Added Features - * There are five sources of weather data: 中国天气网 (Weather China): for display China around the weather. 臺灣氣象局: for display Taiwan around the weather. MSN: use "MSN Weather" data. Yahoo: use "Yahoo Weather" data.

New Purple Rose.r2skin by cus08 Sat, 11 Aug 2012

Description: This new skin support for Rainlendar 2.10 version, modified the original error!

Quietmode.r2skin by cus08 Thu, 26 Jul 2012

Description: The support Rainlendar2.10 (b120)

ChromophoreLou v1.5.30 by L0u Sat, 16 Jun 2012

Description: ChromophoreLou v1.5.30 07.25.2015 - 19,555 For Rainlendar 2.13, works on 2.12 but with less functions... URL >>> rainlendar.net For BETA go rainlendar.net FORUM Skins and topic ChromophoreLou MOD of the "Chromophore" skin Rainy - Added Adjecent days - Added Black and White Color - Added Digital Clock - Added Weather with 3 locations - Added RSS with 5 locations - Added Photos - Added (Babe And Hunk) of the Day - Added Indices - Added Search - Added World Population - Added Today marker color - Added Year calendar - Added Google Services - Added Cadre empty enjoy...

Edge.r2skin by Silence is gold Wed, 21 Mar 2012

Description: This is the latest transparent skin. More skin in my blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/xnbk50

Dawn.r2skin by Silence is gold Mon, 19 Mar 2012

Description: ÕâÊÇÒ»¸ö͸Ã÷skins¡£¸ü¶àµÄƤ·ôÇëÈ¥ÎÒµÄBlog£¬µØÖ·ÊÇ£ºhttp://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1679953807

My Basic Calendar by norepli Sun, 18 Mar 2012

Description: Made simple modifications to the original r2 skin. Slightly increased text size. Removed background from Event and ToDo list. Best if used as shown (due to text-size increase). Wallpaper included (scale-down to your size). Made for people who really need a desktop calendar and have some vision problems (like me).

Purple Rose.r2skin by cus08 Tue, 03 Jan 2012


Shadow4 WithWatch.r2skin by vimse Mon, 07 Nov 2011

Description: Version update With Watch / Clock Window. Background in the calendar itself. The color of the skin depends on the background on your desktop. Multi Language, Compatible with any language, that is it supports in the new Reinlendar2 The clock is in a separate window and can be closed.

(Newest) Dark brown..r2skin by cus08 Wed, 12 Oct 2011

Description: The latest Dark brown..R2skin skin, fixed tray icon error!

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The skin gallery is provided by Customize.org